Summary Of Informative Speech: Crain's Creek Middle School Experience

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For my second outside speech assignment I attended Crain's Creek Middle School Parent Teacher Student Association informative speech given by the school's principle, Mrs. Rose Cooper. The speech was held in the school's gymnasium. There were 40 chairs lined up in front of the stage in rows of ten. There was a portable speaker system consisting of 2 large speakers both facing towards the chairs and an audio box on the stage. Personally, I thing she did not need the speakers there because it wasn’t that many people and they were all relatively close to the stage. However, without the speakers, there could have been a overwhelming echo since it was held in the gym. The chairs were comfortable and the room was a little hot. They had the…show more content…
I wanted to be informed on my daughters post school activities and help when I could. e. Parents of the students that attend the school. f. To inform the audience of past, present, and future goals and accomplishments, as well as receive volunteers for upcoming projects. g. Past, present, and future goals to help raise money and get kids involved with the community. h. To inform parents of PTSA i. Very easily. She went in chronological order and at a smooth pace. j. Her strengths were she was not nervous or timid. She also knew her information. Only negative I could find was the technical difficulty when she walked near the speakers, small distraction. k. Her delivery of being higher than the audience seemed to help her deliver the speech better. She had control of the whole situation. l. Very responsive. Made audience members raise hands, so nothing was just blurted out. Kept things very positive. It was a great speech overall. I think I learned that the more you know the information on the topic you're making the speech on, the better prepared you'll feel which leads to a better presentation. I will continue to conduct research and prepare myself and the rest should fall into

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