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Case Study 2 Nima Bakhtiari BUS 160 1. What are the major issues to be considered in the case? What is the most significant issue to address? To me it seemed that Susan was doing some aspects of her job well, she was doing well on her reports and did not need much help from her coworkers to get things done. She was a dependable employee. However I think she suffered from role ambiguity. Although Susan felt like she should be doing more at work managerially she wasn’t. Anita as her supervisor should have placed a much more clear emphasis on her responsibilities. If she had done so I think she would have fewer negatives in her annual performance review. However Susan was also at fault because she never went to Anita to clarify her role and what she could be doing better. Susan may be a great employee but not a great manager and Anita needs to decide if that is true. Maybe Susan can be trained more or maybe her role should not be in management. 2. What theories of organizational behavior can be used to explain the behaviors observed in the principal characters in the case? -Role Ambiguity -Lack Of Support -Social Loafing -Motivation Loss -Lack of group efficacy -Use of SMART Goal Setting 3. What were some of the causes of the problems you identified in the case? After seven months Anita’s office moved to the opposite side of the building. After they stopped having their casual talks in the morning Susan lost her sense of connection to Anita. Without meetings with her supervisor Susan feels disconnected with Anita and her company. There does not seem to be a strong sense of cohesion within the group. 4. How does one manage a person with Susan’s strengths and weakness? It seems that a person like Susan needs more direction and guidance. As her Supervisor I would provide that to her. Since there is not a strong sense
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