Summary Of Health Promotion

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Health Promotion The purpose of this essay is to give a brief summary of a health promotion on young adults and alcohol. Further describing key concepts of health and well-being and how this affects individuals (WHO, 2005) and those around them. How alcohol can be a devastating factor on people and society, and the costs to the National Health Service (NHS). Also how the government has responded with health campaigns and new laws to stop teenagers drinking alcohol. The harmful use of alcohol generally originates from young people who binge drink (WHO, 2011). Alcohol abuse is different from alcoholism as this stems from craving alcohol at all times (helpguide, 2011). Young people who binge drink risk serious health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, brain damage, type two diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver which…show more content…
The need for more promotions on alcohol and teenagers is indicative by costs to the NHS is estimated at £2.7 billion (NHS, 2011). Fears of a further rise in the consumption of alcohol by teenage drinking will lead to more people suffering from alcohol related ailments at a much earlier age (Casswell and Thamarangsi, 2009). The need to target parents and children are pivotal in breaking cycles of drinking alcohol which perpetuates from one generation to the next (Naidoo and Wills, 2007) In conclusion this summary has shown the impact that binge drinking has on a young adult their family and society as a whole. The need to further raise the profile of illness prevention is a critical necessity (Frances and Mzwandile, 2009). Health promotion is an essential tool directing services at persons and societies making them more suitable and acceptable (Hubley and Copeman,
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