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In the book All the Pretty Horses a 16 year old boy and his best friend decided to leave Texas and head to Mexico to work on a ranch out there. John Grady Cole lived and worked on a ranch in San Angelo, Texas with his grandfather. When his grandfather passed away the ranch was left to John Grady’s mother, who had divorced his father then remarried a rich man. She plans to sell the ranch to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. John Grady try’s to talk to the lawyer thinking maybe he can talk his mother into keeping the ranch or selling to John Grady so he could run it. He knew nothing else but working as a cowboy on the ranch. When he realized there was nothing else he could do to get the ranch, he decided that Mexico was where he head.…show more content…
Right before they got to Mexico they realized they were being followed by a young kid. The kid was riding a beautiful bay horse. The kid turns out to be a 13 year old boy that goes by the name Jimmy Blevins. Grady and Rawlins start joking like they were going to kill Blevins but then just ride off and leave him. When they get to the border, Blevins ends up catching back up with the men. Rawlins has a bad feeling about this kid and believes the horses he is riding he stole. The three boys cross the border and set out to find a ranch to work on. The come to this little town where they stop for a drink, turns out its alcohol and they get drunk. They leave a keep riding then Blevins’s fells off his horse. Rawlins asked him “boy can you ride?” Blevins says “I was riding when I fell off”. A thunder storm blows up; Blevins’s plans on trying to out run the storm because of his fear of lighting. The next day they find Blevins and all he has left his is boot. They start riding again, now Blevins is riding on the back of John Grady’s horse. They come up to this town finding one of the guys has Blevins’s gun. They plan to steal the horse and gun back that night. Rawlins tells Grady they show leave Blevins he is going to get them in trouble with the law. Grady says “we can’t just leave him”. Rawlins tells Grady “ I won’t leave you, you won’t leave me.” While the guys are talking Blevins

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