Plot Summary of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow

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Saroj Khanal The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Plot: “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is a short but spooky tale written by Washington Irving. The legends associated with the small rural town called Sleepy Hollow serves as a perfect setting for this spooky tale. Despite being a short tale, its plot is fairly developed with few key events. In the story, author wrote about several legends and tales that were associated with the Sleepy Hollow. One of the most accounted legends was that of a Hessian trooper who was decapitated during the Revolutionary war. People from the town believed that during nights, headless Hessian trooper rides on horseback in search of his head that he lost in battle. In the fiction, protagonist Ichabod Crane, village school teacher fell in love with Katrina Van Tassel, one of his music students, and is also a daughter of relatively wealthy farmer. However, she already had a suitor, Brom Bones. He is handsome and strong, who always brags about the number of fights he had been in while on the other hand, Ichabod is lean, and lanky who looks like a scarecrow. One night Ichabod attend a party at Van Tassel’s place where he also danced with Katrina while Brom Bones watches them. After dance, everyone sits to listen to haunting stories especially about Headless Horseman. Later, Ichabod a little frightened by such stories reluctantly ride on horse, Gunpowder to ride back home. On his way home, he is chased by Headless Horseman. Near the bridge, Ichabod noticed the horseman hurl his head at him. Next morning, Gunpowder is found at his master’s house without Ichabod. As he was school teacher, his absence was promptly noticed. Later on, after some investigation, people believed that he is taken by Headless Horseman. However, at the end, an old farmer comes with the story of different ending of Ichabod that he is still alive, and had left the town with

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