The Man Who Was Almost a Man

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Richard Wright was an African American author of so many controversial novels, poems, short stories and non-fiction stories. Most of his work concerned of racial themes. One of his stories is “The Man Who Was Almost a Man”. This story is about a young man name Dave. He is only seventeen years old. One day he was on his way to his house and was thinking about the conflict he had during that day. He thought that if he will have a gun in his position people will have some respect for him and also people could think that he is not a child anymore. One day he decided to go to a gun shop and look for a pistol. But first he was thinking in asking his mother for money. His mother was the one who kept all his money from working in the fields. He convinced his mother to give him the two dollars that the gun was worth, by saying that the gun will be for his father because they don’t know what will happen in the house. But he did not give the gun to his father, he decided to keep it. At the next day after he bought the gun he decided to leave his house, it was not yet daylight. He went to the fields and then he realized it was the best time for him to shut the gun. He was afraid of shooting the gun. After that he closed his eyes and tightened his forefinger and shot the gun. Then he opened his eyes and saw Jenny the mule whinnying and galloping over the fields. After that he started running to catch up Jenny and then he stopped without believing, Jenny was bleeding. Then he tried to cover the bullet hole by plugging damp black earth, so the bleeding could stopped but soddenly Jenny died. He decided to bury the gun at the foot of a tree. After that two of Mr. Hawkins found the mule. Then there were a lot of people around the mule. One person said that it looks like someone had shot Jenny. Dave’s mom asked him if he had shot the mule and at first he said no. After his father
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