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Synopsis, analysis and review of The 39 Steps (Essay) ➢ Details Released: 1935. Running Length: 86 mins. Genre: Thriller B&W. Director: Alfred Hitchcock Cast- Richard Hannay: Robert Donat. Pamela: Madeleine Carroll. Professor Jordan: Godfrey Tearle. Mr Memory: Wylie Watson. ➢ Synopsis The story of the 39 Steps revolves around the central protagonist, Richard Hannay who finds that he must escape from his London flat/his life after he finds the woman he picked up the previous night, murdered. The killers are now after him and he follows the single piece of information which could help explain his situation to Scotland. He once again has to elude his pursuers by escaping from the train whilst it's over a bridge. Richard follows the clue to the home of Professor Jordan who is the leader of the spy ring (as he reveals to Hannay in private.) Hannay escapes by temporarily becoming part of of a march and posing as a political candidate. He is caught again along with the girl he met on the train to Scotland (Pamela.) They escape from the car aided by a flock of sheep. After posing as a newlywed couple to get a room for the night, they head back to the Mr Memory show (the next day.) As the spies close in on Hannay and Pamela, Hannay rushes to the front and asks Mr Memory “what are the 39 Steps?” Professional to the end he begins to answer and is shot by Professor Jordan. Professor Jordan tries to run and is surrounded by the police. ➢ Analysis The 39 Steps follows many themes and conventions of a typical Hitchcock movie. The falsely accused regular guy (North by North West, 1959) who is on the run from those who are actually guilty of the crime (The Man Who Knew Too Much, 1934.) The protagonist is in some way guilty of something. In this film it is the fact that Hannay had invited a girl back to his place for sex

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