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Amber Ovaska 5-22-11 Global Lit. Caught Red Handed “Dial M for Murder,” is a broad crime play, that sets one up for a twist. Tony the main character shows that one of the simplest screw ups can end in a tragedy. Tony ends up in a dilemma and is forced to pull out Plan B. Does this work? Tony’s wife Margot is the one that is planed to get murdered, by C.A. Swan also known as Lesgate. Nobody believes Margot, that she isn’t the bad guy that she is the victim, right up until the key doesn’t fit. Frederick Knott is the author of “Dial M for Murder.” In this play there were several reasons why Tony’s plan to murder his wife did not work out. Before the murdering scheme took place, Tony spends an ideal amount of money. That’s one of the things that the investigator catches on to. Tony says it’s for betting on dog races but really it’s to kill his wife Margot for having and affair with…show more content…
He ponders on the situation, and realizes something must be done. He comes to conclusion that he is going to kill his wife. He thinks to himself over and over about the ways that would get the job done. He decides to hire someone to kill her so that’s when he calls up Lesgate and frames him into doing the dirty work. Tony spends a long time saving up money; just enough so no one could suspect him. But in the end, Tony is at fault. Tony is the one who tells his wife to do the newspaper clippings for him, so in result of that she left the scissors on the desk. Tony, the one who grabs the wrong key without noticing the right one was under the fifth step. He also took out great deals of money that the investigator is a little bit curious about that. So before one should plan a murder make sure one should have everything planed out and backup plans if plan A does not work. There are many things that go wrong with Tony’s plan, so you have to think about all the possibilities that could go wrong; but in this case, Tony is caught red

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