Sula Socratic Seminar

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Sula Socratic Seminar During the Socratic Seminar the main issue that was discussed upon my classmates and I was weather or not there was a difference when a white person used the word nigger than when a black person used the word nigger. The discussion later went on to discuss how the word is more commonly used during present day, and how although it is still considered a bad word people use the word more freely. Gina and Alex brought up that the word is now used as a slang word. More often kids during this time period use the word referring to their friends. In my opinion I think that people especially kids have become to comfortable using the word, most kids have no filter and feel that it is okay to use the word not realizing that some people, especially black people still find the word offensive. In the 60 Minutes segment, the only black kid in a class of all white students found himself feeling uncomfortable in class while his teacher repeated the word nigger during class. Author David Bradley believes that white people do not have the right to use the word nigger that being able to use the word nigger means you have to be able to accept everything that goes with it. He says that all the good stuff that goes along with being able to use the word is “having the awareness that your people have overcome centuries of oppression”. When the interviewer says that the word is hurtful Bradley replies by saying, “the word is not hurtful but how it is used and the person who is saying it is hurtful”. I agree with Bradley, I feel that although the word is used too often now a days, the word itself is not hurtful, but how the word is used is what really makes other people feel hurt and uncomfortable. Overall I think that we all agreed that the word nigger has become a word that is too commonly used during present time. The word in my opinion is now used more
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