Still Unequal Essay

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In the reading, “Still Separate, Still Unequal,” by Jonathan Kozol, Kozol discusses the issues with Brown verses Board of Education. Education was to be equal for all rather than different schools for blacks and whites. Many schools in the country try to acknowledge themselves as diverse. In reality, the schools that promote diverse backgrounds are mainly made up of one ethnic group. Statistics show that more than three fourths of children enrolled in certain city school systems are black or Hispanic. It is very unlikely to find white students in these schools. Numerous Americans who do not live in major cities do not know how segregated these urban schools really are. They believe that the inequalities in the school systems have gotten better, when in reality it is the opposite. Certain schools that take after the name of Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and other honored leaders are not diverse. In the South Bronx, it is very unlikely to find a white student in the classroom and if there is a white student, their presence is a shock or surprise to the other students. In a Seattle district made up of about half Caucasian families, mostly black students occupied the Thurgood Marshall Elementary School. White parents in this district would send their children to a mainly white school. Diverse is just a word that schools throw out to make their school look better and welcoming to every race. Students in extremely segregated areas feel that they are thrown into any building, no matter what the conditions are of that building, and it is considered a school. Many believe they are not given the adequate learning environment that they deserve. Schools that cater to predominately white children are not in such poor conditions. They have better learning facilities. Yet black kids go to schools that are over crowded and in poor condition. Black kids
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