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Stylistic analysis for story “A Matter of Timing”. “A Matter of Timing” is a short story written by Charlotte Armstrong, who is more known for her detective stories, published since 1942, that had won the E.A.Poe award. A title of this text directly corresponds to the plot of the story because all events described are all about mater of timing. The main character of this story is Jane, a caring mother for her daughter Sally and loving wife for her husband Mike. She has just managed to do her shopping when she is attacked by some man in the parking lot of the shop. She manages to escape from him by the help of her courage and a quick wit. To escape she uses pepper that she had forgotten to by for several days but that she bought exactly that day. Also this is short story it is possible to distinguish several themes. However in my opinion the authoress was willing to emphasize that many things in our lives depend on coincidence. I base my opinion on the fact that at the very beginning of the story there is a sort of quotation of the text that has a reference later in the story. ”There was a black thread tied around her right forefinger…” And this again leads back to the title of this story. If there was not this black thread tied round her finger, that reminded to her that pepper should be bought, maybe Jane’s life would had ended in her car or elsewhere. I think that this is the main theme but there are some sub-themes that reader can also treat as the main ones and they are: 1. Mothers instinct or self organization as the savers of a woman’s life. 2. How to behave in a critical situation? 3. Indifference- the most common people’s attitude to come across daily. All these themes are interesting enough to have a closer look on them. So the first theme in the text appears when Jane has to choose what to do - risk with her life and fight

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