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Avery Sirmans Mrs. Graham 1st Block April 11, 2013 Literary analysis paper: The Book Thief Stupidity is not courage. The Book Thief, a novel by Markus Zusak, Liesel Meminger is a small girl in Nazi Germany. Liesel is sent into foster care, and finds comfort in the words of books she steals. In a drastic Turn of events, she ends up hiding a Jew, in her basement, who becomes her friend. In Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief, Liesel Meminger shows that stupidity can easily be mistaken for courage. She exemplifies this when she tries to read in front of her class, when she steals, and when she and Rudy give bread to the Jews. Leisel thought it would be courageous, to read in front of the class, but ended up being called names for trying.…show more content…
When Leisel steals from the Mayor’s house for example she is very brave, by fearlessly sneaking in “Liesel heaved herself onto the ledge and tussled her way inside,” (288). What Leisel did not think is that someone may have been home, and was able to hear her. Later on in the book Liesel receives a note from the Mayor’s wife saying she knows when Liesel comes and steals books, the note say “I could hear you the last time…” (369). Liesel was not careful when she stole and was discovered as a result. The Last time Liesel’s “courage’ gets the best of her is when she and Rudy feed bread to the Jews at the cost of being caught and punished. “He was giving people bread.” (440), this is how the book describes Rudy feeding the Jews. Although it was very brave, when they were caught, they were chased away and hit. “Keep running little girl, you don’t belong here!’ (441) is what the guard yelled to Liesel after he kicked her. Rudy and Liesel did a brave thing, but risked being severely punished. In conclusion, Stupidity can easily be mistaken for courage. Chances are if you are being Rash and Pass it off as “bravery” you could end up hurt or punished. Learn from Liesel and Rudy in this story. Use their Mistakes to Your

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