How Does Fitzgerald Tell the Story in Ch8 of Gatsby?

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How does Fitzgerald tell the story in chapter 8? In chapter 8, after a sleepless night he goes to visit Gatsby in his mansion. Gatsby explains that he had waited at Daisy’s until four o’clock in the morning and that nothing happened. Gatsby explains how he and daisy became lovers briefly before Gatsby had to go to war. Then Gatsby’s gardener interrupts Gatsby’s story of events to tell him that he plans to drain the pool. Nick then goes to work, however he is too distracted and refuses to go on a date with Jordan baker. George Wilson stays up all night talking to Michaelis about Myrtle. He tells him that before Myrtle died, he confronted her about her lover and told her that she could not hide her sin from the eyes of God. George, aggrieved by myrtles death, decides to track down the owner of the car. Wilson goes to Gatsby’s house, sees Gatsby lying there, shoots Gatsby then shoots himself. Goes back to west egg and sees Gatsby dead. He realises that now Gatsby’s dream for daisy is was so disillusioned without her… Chapter 8 is an important section in the novel as at the start of the chapter it builds up tension. Fitzgerald does this by using foreshadowing at the start of the chapter. For instance Gatsby’s gardener comes in and interrupts Gatsby who is talking to Nick; he tells Gatsby that he “plans to drain Gatsby pool”. This could be foreshadowing Gatsby’s death as since the Fitzgerald uses “drain” Gatsby’s pool, this could foreshadow Gatsby’s life draining out of Gatsby which could result in his death. However this could be Fitzgerald using metaphorical language to suggest that Gatsby’s dream is starting to drain out of him as shown by Gatsby waiting at daisy’s house until 4:00 and there being no answer, this symbolises Gatsby’s flamboyant dream draining out of him bit by bit. Also in chapter 8 Fitzgerald uses chronology to structure the chapter, this helps
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