Changes In The Great Gatsby

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I. Introduction A. Ever sense the founding of the United States in 1776; it has been regarded as an empire of liberty, and prosperity. Many immigrants that came over from Europe saw the United States as an opportunity to prosper and to obtain freedom, both religious freedom and freedom from their government. The American dream changes throughout history. In the 1600’s, settlers came to America (unknowingly) and lived their dream on the land that they discovered. The land was their dream, they had somewhere to live and prosper. Even our parents’ generation American dream differs from the current American dream. Our parents wanted to have a family and support their family in what they did for a living. They did not care about what they had…show more content…
In the novel “The Great Gatsby” there are two major money groups, new money, and old money. Jay Gatsby is an example of new money because he worked for his money. He buys a mansion an west egg to get back his lover from the past, Daisy Buchanan. Daisy lives right across the bay in east egg and is married to Tom Buchanan. Tom and Daisy are both old money because they were both born in to wealth. Gatsby and Daisy start having an affair behind Tom’s back. Eventually Tom finds out about their affair. Tom is angry at first but he then realizes that Daisy could never leave him for Gatsby because Gatsby was not old money. So Tom lets Gatsby take daisy home from the city. However daisy chooses to drive because Gatsby is in shock from the argument that he had had with Tom. Speeding down through the valley of ashes, Myrtle Wilson jumped into the road. With another car coming in the opposite direction, daisy decides to hit and kill Myrtle. Daisy does not stop, and continues to drive. When tom finds out that his lover had been killed, he goes straight to George (Myrtle’s husband) and tells him that he was not driving that car. He told him that it was Gatsby that killed his wife. George is furious when he hears this and starts to walk to Gatsby’s mansion. When he arrives at Gatsby’s mansion, he finds Gatsby in his swimming pool and he shoots him. Knowing what he had done, George shot himself in the head right after he killed Gatsby. Throughout the novel Gatsby never does understand that he would never be able to get daisy back because he was stuck in the lower-upper social
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