Compare and Contrast a Rose for Emily and Trifles

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Compare and Contrast A Rose for Emily and Trifles Both of these stories are in the same type of mystery style. They have an unpleasant but interesting sense about them. When reading A Rose for Emily, I knew there had to be something shocking in the end. The way the towns people dished the dirt about Miss Emily was interestinf. They seemed to only pay attention to her. How she stayed in her home and never came out. How her father died and her sweetheart left her. They talked about her faliing fpor a Northerner, Homer Barron, who was also a day laborer and that did not come to there liking.Then they described a strong reek at Miss Emily’s house. A few towns people complianed about it, some people went to action. They broke open the cell door and sprinlkled lime there, within some days the smell went away. So they thought that that’s what helped. Another thing that happened in the storie is when Miss Emily goes and buys arsenic. Noone seems to have the real cause of it, they just assume she’s going to kill herself and they wanted her to. They say she lost her ways and that her like a man that wasn’t up to people-with-money standards. In the end she doesn’t use the poison for herself………….. When Miss Emily dies the women are not mournful but curious to go into her house and scope around. The men seem to pay their respects. When they inter her house they look around and then they find a body laying on a bed. It is not Miss Emily or the servant. It was Homer Barron. Right beside him on the bed was a pillow that had a dent in it like someone had layed by him. The body had to be laying there for at least over ten years, I’m guessing. That’s when they realized that the reeking smell the had noticed years’s ago was nothing of dishes or ill housekeeping but a decomposing body of Homer Barron. I had come to believe that she killed him so he would not leave her. But there
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