Strengths And Weakness In Writing Essay

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STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES In this paper, I am going to write about my strengths and weaknesses as a writer. Writing is a process of transforming ideas, thoughts, and even goals to paper and for the reader to be able to comprehend what is written. The actual transformation of my thoughts is and always has been one of my biggest obstacles. However, I have always done well in past English classes that require essay writing. Since my strengths are harder for me to write about I will start with my weaknesses. Finding the time I need to write a paper as well as the right atmosphere is a difficult task. I have to literally force myself to sit down, relax, think, and write. I do not like sitting down and relaxing when I have the general “mom duties” that are not completed. I find myself drifting off into my own world and deciding what I should do next. It seems I can’t stay focused on the writing process. I worry the grammar and writing structure is incorrect and receiving a low grade because of it. I am my own biggest distraction. The lack of personal confidence I posses in my writing skills requires an enormous amount of time rethinking and rewriting. I want everything to be perfect to my standards before the paper is submitted for grading. I tend to set high standards for myself in everything I do and that includes writing essays. I believe the high standards I set in my personal writing process are one of my biggest frustrations. Generally, I would consider setting high standards a positive attribute. Although writing essays is not my most favorite thing to do, I still believe my strengths out number my weaknesses. Once I force myself to sit down and start the writing process I also commit myself until it is done. I am always determined but, not always successful, to put one hundred percent into my writing. If it

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