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Week 5 Reflection: Strategic Intelligence XXXX XXXXXX Eastern University Organizational Leadership Instructor: Anne Clark-Duncan April 15, 2010 Figure 1: SQ Measurement and Improvement Matrix Nature Nurture Strengths | Q1 * Comfortable with new circumstances * Seizes the moment * Observant-aware-realistic | Q2 * Analytical and visionary * Consciously reading * Appropriate versatility | Weaknesses | Q3 * Situational complexifier | Q4 * Indecisiveness | The SQ Measurement and Improvement Matrix is a helpful resource for identifying strategic intelligence strengths and weaknesses. My findings per quadrant are below. * In Q1, I find that I am content with taking on new responsibilities and challenges, taking advantage of any given moment where I can create change, and am extremely observant paying close attention to detail and noticing trends. * In Q2, I describe myself as being logical and investigative, being flexible and accepting to the ideas of others, and am always consciously evaluating situations. * In Q3, I find that I may be a situational complexifier because I go the extra mile, striving for perfection (although I know nothing is perfect), and I can be overly detail-oriented. This can cause delay in snap decisions. I would prefer to think things through. This leads me to the IDed trait in Q4. * In Q4, I am aware that I can be indecisive. Although this trait can be controlled, I find that I like to make the best decisions possible with respect of all stakeholders in mind. This can be improved with having more confidence in me with risk-taking. Sometimes the answers will not always be there. Making the best decisions may come from developing evidence-based management derived from trial and error. In conclusion,

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