Ethical Lens Inventory Reflection Paper

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Ethical Lens Inventory Reflection Richard Napper University of Phoenix Online Ethical Lens Inventory Reflection My Ethical Lens Inventory identifies what is most important to me but listing values that are important to me. By answering, a series of questions the program is able to tell what I feel is important to me. The reflection tool states how I make decisions based on ethics. Reading and understanding the tool can give you the ability to make informed decisions based on your values. I value being an individual, and being responsible for your own actions. Being an individual is very important to me. I have never wanted to stand out in the crowd or be pointed out by anyone, but I have always wanted to be responsible for my own actions. Figuring things out on my own and learning at my own pace has always been a strong suit of mine. Doing things this way keeps me responsible for my known self. If I do not learn something, it can only be my own fault. Taking that responsibility to do things on my own makes me a stronger person. I tend to think things through to a point where I can become exhausted with things. Getting the right meaning or answer to things is a value I hold close. Over thinking things tends to get me in trouble with this. I can find the answer, but I think about how to come up…show more content…
Working with others will help to develop my skills even more. Using all my strengths to help others with their weaknesses will help my fellow students be more rounded at what they do. In turn when I am having trouble with something, or getting frustrated, my fellow student will also step up to lend me a hand. My weaknesses may be someone else’s strengths. Working together to solve problems is an integral part of society. Being able to realize that you may need help and asking for it will help me to get ahead in school as well as in

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