Ethical Lens Inventory

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Gen 200 Ethical Lens Inventory As humans we all have a set of core values that we apply when resolving ethical conflict, understanding others as well as our own decision making strategies allows us to respect each others point of view better. Ethical Lens Inventory is used as way to identify what values are more important to you as an individual and what their challenges and strengths are. The inventory allows you to see ethical issues clearly and learn how to resolve them better. Being aware that people have different priorities and different values helps to respects each other’s point of views. My personal preferred lens is Rights/responsibility and results lens. Rights/Responsibility Lens is for people who think thoroughly through a problem and options before taking action and choosing a decision-making strategy. The symbol for this lens is the Telescope. On a telescope you look beyond what is at your reach to determine what to do. The strength of this lens is considering all the options possible leading to a stronger decision making strategy for others and your self. Its weakness is over analyzing to find a solution and making it time consuming. Also when there are so many options in hand it can become overwhelming to choose one. Result Lens is for people who need their intuition to verify that their answer is not only correct but also fair. The symbol for this lens is the microscope. When using a microscope you analyze and examine before taking the next step, which is a good way to relate to the result lens. Its strength is taking control of the situation while protecting everyone else rights and maintaining a sense equality between everyone. The not so great this about this is that even if your intentions are good you tend to forget that not everyone thinks like you and is clear on their own sense of values. Believing that you are doing

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