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CORPORATION BANK MISSION | * | * To meet Customer expectations through Innovation and Technological Initiatives | * | * To maintain leadership in inclusive banking | * | * To enhance stakeholders' value | * | * To fulfill national and social obligations | * | * To create an environment, intellectually satisfying and professionally rewarding to the employees | * | * To emerge as a role model for ethical values and Good Corporate Governance * To become a provider of world class Financial Services | | | VISION The Most Preferred Bank with Global Standards Strategic clock is used to analyze the competitive position of a company in comparison to the offerings of competitors. It considers competitive advantage in relation to cost advantage or differentiation advantage. Bowman's Strategy Clock represents eight possible strategies in four quadrants defined by the axes of price and perceived added value. The resulting star shape is reminiscent of a clock face, giving this tool its name. Position 1: Low Price/Low Value Firms do not usually choose to compete in this category. This is the "bargain basement" bin and not a lot of companies want to be in this position. Rather it's a position they find themselves forced to compete in because their product lacks differentiated value. The only way to "make it" here is through cost effectively selling volume, and by continually attracting new customers. You won't be winning any customer loyalty contests, but you may be able to sustain yourself as long as you stay one step ahead of the consumer (we're not going to mention any names here!) Products are inferior but the prices are attractive enough to convince consumers to try them.once. Position 2: Low Price Companies competing in this category are the low cost leaders. These are the

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