Business Law Case Studies

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Scenario 1: 1. Bryan should stick to his instincts and return the clock. No one enjoys upsetting the ones they love; but keeping the clock could portray the company in a negative light, and possibly cost Bryan his job. 2. The ISM code of standards says that all forms of manifestations and commercial bribery should be denounced. 3. I think that the supplier did that to avoid possibly sending it directly to Bryan and getting caught by another supplier or the company itself. By sending it to the house, the supplier has now included Nina; which now thinks that Mr. McEnroe is the best supplier because of the gracious present; but has no information about price or quality of the supplier’s product. 4. Yes, this shows that Bryan…show more content…
Through compromise Lisa may be able to earn the big contract. Lisa should look at the possible solutions to this problem. If they were to replace all their machinery with the new Sealgood items, she should see if they could get a discount or money off their bid as a compromise. By doing this it would build the relationship between the two as well as make both parties happy. Lisa should also try and negotiate as to which competitive products they must not do business with. Maybe Troy would be happy if his 3 biggest competitiors lef; but the remaining companies got to stay. Scenario 3: 1. Based on the scenario Ben is not acting illegally because there is no contract that states Coastal Products has to use Southeastern Corrugated products. Some may argue that Ben isn’t acting ethically with the other suppliers; but I think that it is unethical based on the fact that the other suppliers aren’t serious contenders. The sole purpose of the suppliers is to get the price of Southeastern Corrugated reduced. 2. Clearly Coastal products and Southeastern Corrugated have a relationship. As the marketing manager it is important to let Coastl products know that we have the best product available. This would be best portrayed through an in-person meeting. Through this meeting I will show that although are boxes cost a little more up front, the total cost of the box is less expensive because you don’t have to worry about the boxes tearing or
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