Tyco Case Essay

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Tyco Case Study Analysis Is it right that Dennis Kozlowski purchased personal items with company funds? What groups will benefit? * Mark Schwartz, Dennis Kozlowski, his wife and companies he was purchasing things from. What groups will be harmed? * Investors, Tyco employees, funds could’ve been used more effectively in other areas. Whose rights will be exercised? * Dennis Kozlowski, Mark Schwartz, Whose rights will be ignored? * Investors, Tyco employees and the board. He didn’t think he needed to ask Express the moral problem so that everyone will believe that his or her moral concerns have been recognized and included. * This is a moral problem because his actions of using company funds for personal use wasn’t economically efficient productive system, it didn’t produce more of the products that people most want an less use of the resources people least value, which is a definite value to society. In addition to this, his actions wasn’t informed to everyone. * Effective use of resources, What are the economic benefits? * What are the legal requirements? * Didn’t break any laws, related to him applying company funds towards personal use even though his act was solely beneficial to himself alone. What are the ethical duties? * Maintain price-competitive markets will ensure that scares resources are used to optimally satisfy consumer needs. * Pareto Optimality wasn’t obtained because maximum benefits of most wanted goods and services produced at minimum cost of least wanted resources. * They are the duties you believe you owe to other people based upon your rational thought processes. According to Aristotles universal principle of personal virtue they he had done wrong.(p.89) If Dennis was really proud of what he was doing he would be open, honest, and truthful about the practice, informing everyone he

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