Stop-Time -- Dead Mule Discovery Essay

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FINAL ESSAY, STOP-TIME TOPIC: Tobey and Frank find a dead mule in the forest. They experience a strange new understanding of life and death and their place in the world. Every once in a while, you will come across something that instills in you a perspective, completely new or opposing to the previous one, on life. In Frank Conroy's memoir, Stop-Time, Frank and Tobey discover a dead mule, and the sight of it causes the boys to talk about the incident for weeks to come. Stumbling upon the dead mule changes the boys' ideas about life and death, giving them a new appreciation for life, and how they have this feeling of time stopping throughout this journey of before, during and right after this revelation strikes them. The dead mule the boys stumbled upon wasn't any other mule. It completely transformed their views on life and death. Immediately as one starts to read the part about them having discovered the mule, one can tell by the language used [“...bones picked almost clean, ants streaming through the eyes.”] [29] that the incident had a significant impact on their lives on another level – not in the sense of an adrenaline rush, but more in the sense of a revelation about life. We know this as the boys, instead of feeling the adventure and thrill of something, stood their static, trying to comprehend this revelation of death that has come onto them. “We talked about the mule for weeks...Death dramatized, something of unbelievable importance being revealed right in front of us.” [29] The fact that the sight of the mule dramatized death really shows that this find was no ordinary carcass. It was so significant in changing their views on life and death that they talked about it for weeks ahead. The boys saw death in a completely different light before. “If we saw a king snake...we'd break off a pine branch and kill it, smashing the small head till the blood

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