War Story Truth Essay

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The Things They Carried In The Things They carried, a novel about several war stories, Tim O’Brian refers to two different kinds of truths. One of these truths is called happening truth, which he describes as not always being able to get the point across. The second truth is the story truth. This truth is able to place an assortment of images into the reader’s head which make them feel almost exactly what the character in the story is going through. By telling the happening truth, the author is only able to describe to the readers what the character is going through and the majority of the time just telling a story does not make the readers understand what the characters are feeling at that moment. By telling the story truth, the author is…show more content…
Truth can be distorted, but it is still truth. In “How to Tell a True War Story,” Tim explains that “In any war story, but especially a true one, it’s difficult to separate what happened from what seemed to happen.” When something happens, some of the details are left out because they were missed and when retold, new details are added to replace them. The story of how they killed a baby water buffalo is an example of a true war story that “makes the stomach believe.” They chased it down, and after trying to feed it, Rat Kiley began shooting it in random places. The animal fell to the ground silently, making no sound. After he had gotten all his pain out, Rat began to cry. The story has more meaning behind it then just the cruel death of an animal. Rat was feeling so many emotions having to deal with the death of his best friend Curt Lemon. It was a way to vent out some of his pent up aggression. A true war story such as this aimed at a meaning much deeper then what was presented. Sometimes, the meaning is not said up front, and you must read between the lines to find the significance of a situation. “In war you lose your sense of definite, hence your sense of truth itself, and therefore it’s safe to say that in a true war story nothing is ever absolutely
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