Truth In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

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Question: O’Brien explores the notion of truth. What does he have to say about the truth of war? (Discuss this idea with close reference to at least three sources) Tim O'Brien explores the notion of truth by making an emphasis on emotional state - emotional truth. In his book The Things They Carried he instructs the reader that facts and chronology are meaningless to talk about the war. People who never faced the war or danger, living in peaceful time or even not in the place of the particular situation cannot imagine all the feelings and impressions of characters by learning only facts and figures. Every day people hear about terrorism or disasters and the number of victims, but it is so daily, so usual, even susceptible people seldom empathize…show more content…
There Tim O'Brien tells the story of Curt Lemon's death at least four times and shows the following feeling of soldiers in Rat Kiley's letter and shooting of baby buffalo . The stories of Curt Lemon's death turn out to be completely paradoxical, because it is obvious how versions contradict one another “when he died it was almost beautiful”, the gore was horrible and stays with me” and also with black humor "Dave Jensen … singing ‘Lemon Tree’ as we threw down the parts" and then, from "it all happen" to "every goddamn detail …. None of it happened. None of it". This may confuse the reader, but Tim O'Brien adds his comments and instructions, repeats them between the storytelling, explaining his approach to express the exact truth of feeling. "You can tell a true war story if you just keep on telling it." His main point is to give the understanding that the true war story is not moral and courageous, heroic, that means, having an aim to teach, but about the reality that is much easier and darker. That is has negative emotions and inability of people to overcome horrible situations of war and deal effectively with their feelings about the war. These feeling are expressed in the story about Rat Kiley's letter, with which the chapter is started - with his feelings of grief about loss and final «cooze», because he was not written back and he could not cope with his loss. His pain is shown in the shoking story of shooting baby buffalo. However, all these stories might have never happened, the soldiers were fighting the war and facing blood, troops and losses, struggling because of their youth and immaturity, fear that cannot be ignored about war. This terrible experience of war is the only truth that author wants to make the readers understand in his
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