Character Analysis: A Parody On Frankenstein

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A Parody on Frankenstein Our story starts in the north of the artic circle, there; Captain Robert Walton guides his vessel through a storm of ice that hits the ship violently. His task seems nearly impossible; to be the first man to put a step in he North Pole, just guided by his intuition and motivated by a desire of fame and glory. Captain Robert was a young man in the thirties that dreamed with fame since he was a child. He had lost his right eye in the war, but his spirit of adventure was in one piece. Suddenly, the trip to the artic stopped when the ship crushed with an iceberg, probably because captain Robert only noticed half of the sea and didn’t spot the iceberg (remember he had only one eye). After the crush captain Robert’s crew,…show more content…
Victor was a scientist who lived happily in his mansion; he lived in solitude, just with his dog “William”. One day, little William got lost in the woods and couldn’t find the way back. The next morning, Victor found him dead at the entrance of his mansion. At this point, victor started to get some crazy ideas of reviving his dog through science, and in the long run he became crazy. The entire town where he lived called him “Victor the Mad Scientist”, this because since his dog’s death, he started collecting dead body parts from the cemetery for his experiments. Victor’s madness grew as the days passed, and his collection of dead body pats increased and increased. But there was one part he could never get; the brain. He searched for a brain everywhere, even in hospitals garbage. Finally, he got his brain from a salesman that knocked his door and was so desperate for selling his products that sold his brain for an impressive sum of money. At this point, Victor was ready to complete his ambition and create life from his experiments. He reunited the best arms, legs, and internal organs he had in his collection, and weaved them together creating a monster. At last, he attached his new brain into the monster, and waited for a thunderstorm. He waited almost a year, but when the time came, he elevated his monster with a platform so high that a thunder hit…show more content…
The lighting he received gave him the life. The monster’s creator (or father), Victor, was very pleased with his work and named him William for his dead Dog. As time passed, the town started to accept the monster as any normal human being and even got a Nickname, Franky. Victor sent Franky to the supermarket, to pay his taxes, to send his mails, even he ordered him to clean the house and make all the mansion duties. Franky, collapsed with so many work started going to school and learned to read and write. He even fell in love with a girl from his class. This girl, rejected him almost fifteen times, and Franky fell in a deep depression that made him question his purpose in life. He decided to look for his purpose around the world and forget his duties at home, and the girl he loved. He looked for it in all Europe; he visited the Eiffel tower in France, Rome’s Coliseum in Italy, the Big Ben at London, and even he got a picture with the Pope. Although he was having a great time, he couldn’t find his purpose, so he traveled to China, South America, visited the U.S. and South Africa. IN his journeys, he met a guy (who was probably drunk) that told him that the only part of the world where he could find his purpose was where no man had stepped before; the North Pole. So he started his journey, but in the way, he stumbled with a stone and got trapped in the ice. There, he froze for who knows how many

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