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Quarter____ Year______ Purpose 5 4 3 2 or 1 0 Procedure 3 2 1 0 Data and Results Tables 7 6 or 5 4 or 3 2 or 1 0 Sample Calculations 8 7 or 6 5 or 4 3 or 2 1 0 Discussion 8 7 or 6 5 or 4 3 or 2 1 0 5 4 or 3 2 or 1 4 3 2 1 0 Experiment #5 Stoichiometry of a Reaction Name_______________ Section_______________ Date_______________ Pre-lab Laboratory Total Out of 40 Well written. Explains: overall goal of the experiment, data collected, and the relationship between measurements and calculated results. Reasonably well written; missing one of above OR grammar/spelling/typos. Reasonably well written, but missing one of above and has grammar/spelling/typos. Purpose is poorly written and/or missing multiple components. Purpose section is missing.…show more content…
Table is missing units, s.f. are incorrect, and the table is poorly organized. Data section is missing. All calculations are shown and clearly described. Percent yield of CuO is clearly and correctly reported. Calculations are complete, but units and/or s.f. incorrect, minor error, descriptions are not clear. Descriptions of the calculations are missing; multiple minor errors in calculations. Major errors; difficult to follow; descriptions of calculations are not included. Calculations are incomplete Calculations missing Well written. Questions are answered correctly in clear, complete sentences as part of the overall discussion. Reasonably well written, but contains typos, is missing a discussion point, or a minor error. Questions are answered numerically, not as part of the overall discussion. Acceptable writing; typos and grammatical errors are present; multiple minor errors. Major errors are present; typos and grammatical errors are present; writing is unclear. Poorly written; little or no reflection on concepts. Section missing. Answers complete and correct. Mostly correct. Minimal effort. Report is stapled, cover sheet attached and filled out

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