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Reist 1 Eric Reist Mrs. O’Keefe ENG4U1 12 February 2013 Wow Chow! Brenda Chows student essay The Writer at Work provides the modern writer with many examples of poor writing techniques that have poisoned the modern day English language. George Orwell implements five rules in his essay Politics and the English Language for us to follow, to prevent the decay of the English language. Many of us are guilty of breaking these rules, but in this essay Brenda Chow manages to disobey all of them on multiple occasions. Brenda Chow breaks the first rule by using many worn out metaphors and similes; Brenda Chow neglects to follow Orwell’s second rule with very poor word choice and delivery; She violates the third rule by being very wordy in her essay, leading to a more confusing and deceptive essay. It’s important for us to recognize the misuse of language so that we do not walk the same path. The best thing Brenda can do to help improve her writing and use of language would be to simplify and be more specific with her diction. Brenda Chow is guilty of using many flat and overused metaphors and similes that have almost lost all of their original meaning. For example Brenda Chow writes “The radio plays old Springsteen, and suddenly there is a lightning flash, a sudden “eureka!”, and the light bulb pulsates urgently over my head; a phrase pops into my mind” (Chow 1) or “It is a diamond in the rough”(Chow 1). Subsequently this leads to laziness and a loss of creativity. The end result of this is the lack of vividness, clarity Reist 2 and true understanding of what is being read. However it is also important to keep word choice in mind when writing. The word choice and language used in this essay is not precise and totally ignores George Orwell's second rule: do not us a long word where a short one will do the job more efficiently and effectively. Brenda Chow

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