Emotional Competency Inventory

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Intelligence Definition and Measurement Paper Selina King University of phoenix Abstract Emotional Competency Inventory The Emotional Competency Inventory was designed as a 110 item instrument used to assess an individual’s emotional competency, which is also defined as an individual’s ability to recognize and understand their own emotions and the emotions of others. There are four skills for which the Emotional Competency Inventory measures are: a) self awareness, which includes awareness of your emotional state, adequate self-assessment and self-confidence, b) self management, c) social awareness, and d) social skills. Memory Assessment Scales The Memory Assessment Scale is a battery of tasks administered…show more content…
There are two forms of the multiple choice formats: 1) survey battery, and 2) complete battery, the survey format is shorter and used in obtaining norm-referenced information about the students. The complete battery test is much longer than the survey test and it actually includes items from the survey test. Content validity was established for the California Achievement Test through analysis of comprehensive samples of curriculum materials from all over the…show more content…
Today there is limited empirical evidence to support this item. The validity of this inventory has also been questioned, there is much more work to be done in order to establish the psychometric properties. The Emotional Competency Inventory’s material consist of a 29-page report with feedback which outlines the results of a individual’s completed and scored emotional competency inventory, also known as the (ECI). There is an abundance of information contained in the report, most f which can be confusing. There are several graphs and charts included in the inventory but add little clarity to the meaning of the scores on the scales. The Memory Assessment Scale is a valid and reliable measure of anindividual’s memory functioning for normal and impaired populations. The Basic Achievement Skills Inventory was developed by professionals in order to establish the basis for a useful achievement test. The Memory Assessment Scale is a systematically developed tool used to assess an individual’s memory function. The development, the interpretation and scoring of the assessment are meaningful and clearly explained. However there are several technical weaknesses: 1) there is no content-related validity evidence, 2) the norms are estimated from inadequate and biased samples, and 3) the reliability and validity studies that report and interpret the results beyond the scope of the limited samples that

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