Starbucks Corporation – Ethics, Compliance, and Financial Performance

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Starbucks Corporation – Ethics, Compliance, and Financial Performance In the world of business employees want to work for an ethical company and customers want to buy from an ethical and compliant company. Unfortunately, even with the tight rules and regulations some businesses try to slip through the cracks. Team D reviews Starbucks a very large coffee-based company who has been in business for over 40 years to assess how the company continues as an ethical and complaint company. Team D will describe the procedures in place to keep ethical behavior with the company and the procedures upon maintaining compliance with the SEC regulation. Team D obtained Starbucks annual report and SEC filings for the past two years and has compiled ratio data and analysis of current ratio, debt ratio, return on equity, and average days receivable. Corporation Ethics and Compliance Starbucks rely on the worldwide popularity of coffee to lure their customers into their stores and also offer a variety of small food and snack based items. Starbucks has also recently introduced itself in the supermarket with a ready to brew brand of Starbucks coffee. This worldwide corporation has 17,000 stores and is a growing business inside and outside of the U.S. The role of ethics and compliance within Starbucks financial environment is a big part of the company’s business model. Starbucks is the premier roaster of specialty coffee in the world. Starbucks operates in more than 50 countries. As such Starbucks has made it a very big ideal to be compliant with financial reporting and financial regulations. Starbucks knows and realizes it is a billion dollar company with more than 20,000 shareholders. As Starbucks main goal is to keep its standing in the coffee market while also inducing growth ethics plays a large role in this strategy. To be unethical would do nothing to help Starbucks market

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