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Running head: ETHICS IN THE PEPSICO1 Ethics In The Pepsi Co Crystal Wagenhurst Rasmussen College This paper is being submitted on 4/08/12 for Mr. Dixon Principles of Management class ETHICS IN THE PEPSICO2 Pepsi Co has outlined something they call “Performance with Purpose.” Performance with Purpose is consisting of three parts. The three parts are products, environment and employees. Part of Pepsi Co is commitment in keeping this goal includes meeting the needs for a spectrum of foods and beverages. They also support and have a commitment with their employees. Pepsi Co have a diverse corporate culture with employee engagement in the workplace as well as in the company. The believe that their employees are key to success and reflect what is Pepsi means to the customers. Pepsi Co has a code of conduct that explains various business ethics like bribery, and conflicts of interests. Pepsi Co has an annual ethics training program for their employees. Between 2008 and 2009 there has been an increase of 49% of employees that attend the meetings. The internal audit methodology is a 24 hour hotline that employees can call for concerns or report ethical violations. Pepsi Co is a good company and remains ethical in the marketplace. They make sure that they are following the guidelines that were put in place by the SEC. Ethics and compliance are the utmost important things to the Pepsi Co. If a company stays ethical and compliant there will be more room for growth and intervention. To strengthen the ethical standards in the corporate and business world, the company joined with over 50 other companies to establish the Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA). BELA is a diverse group of businesses work together to enhance the ethical values of the corporate American that will not only satisfy the employees but also the public. BELA was created as a forum

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