Spiritual Care in Health Care

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Abstract There are many religious perspectives of healing in different religions. This essay provides my personal opinion of healing in a clinical setting. Critical components in healthcare based on Christian and Buddhist faith have been addressed. The opinions and experience of medical healthcare providers provide a little insight on how it is to provide care to patients and practice the religion of Christianity and Buddhism. Many people are not too disrupted when encountering a healthcare provider of a different religion. Most people would simply prefer to be simply treated with respect and courtesy in the clinical setting. Based on observation, most people, as long as caregivers are sensitive and empathetic towards their beliefs, it’s rare to come across complications. Personal Perspective My spiritual perspective on healing is Christian based. I believe that by the blood of Jesus Christ you can be healed. I believe that miracles can be performed by those that believe strongly enough. Miracles are things that happen in a sense that seems impossible to man. Although my beliefs are based on Christianity, I also believe that eating certain foods can affect your health, mind, body and soul. Having control over what you eat can also give you better control over your health. Christian faith In the Christian belief, faith is the number one component of healing. Hebrews 11:1 states, now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. To believe in something that one may not see is the foundation of healing. To have faith is to have faith in Jesus Christ. Practice of faith and works is highlighted in the Christian bible (James2:17). If a man believes he can walk even though he has been told by doctors that he cannot walk he will try and walk despite of what the doctors may have told him. Prayer is simply a way to increase ones faith

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