Two Faith Philosophies

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A Comparison of Two Faith Philosophies; Christianity and Buddhism Grand Canyon University HLT-310V Spirituality in Health Care February 21th, 2015 Abstract The importance of understanding the differences in faith philosophies is as essential as understanding the differences in age related illness. As the world continues to become one with people merging into communities of the various cultures and religious beliefs and teachings, it is now becoming an essential part of the nurse’s role to have this knowledge. Caring for individuals with different faiths brings into question a set of beliefs and nuances that could affect the wellbeing of the whole person. Without the knowledge of these differences health and wellbeing may be misunderstood…show more content…
As this is a dominate religious base, many of the healthcare systems are set up to understand this, offering up chapels, areas within hospitals to pray and in some circumstances assure that there is availability of chaplains that can assist the healthcare team in the healing of this family This is not difficult for nursing as its roots have grown out of public ministry, developed out of the understanding of sin and redemption (Shelly & Miller 63). Having the understanding that health state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (WHO), assists in the nurses or care teams understanding of how we care for those various individuals while they are out of congruency with this state of health. Both of these faith perspectives have a theme of individual responsibility for health, this is a good starting place to assure that the basic care needs are met during the acute part of the illness. Human caring and respect covers both of these philosophies. Apart from medical technologies such as diagnostic, surgical repair and medication management, both of these relate to keeping the person whole results in physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Christianity will use prayer and believe in the care team, that life is precious and must be honored through the teachings of the church. In Buddhism a term called “defilements” exists. It’s a common term referred to the basic cause of all diseases in both physical and mental meanings. As these are not connected to suffering, the basic though is to eliminate. (Paonil & Sringernyuang 2002). Living a life to full faith within the eightfold paths will lead you through this. In the Buddhist view, life is so short and it’s easy to get sick and die, they practice

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