Discuss How the Characteristics of Religion Interact to Create a Living, Dynamic Religion.

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Discuss how the Characteristics of Religion Interact to Create a Living, Dynamic Religion. The characteristics of religion interact with each other creating a living, dynamic religion. A living, dynamic religion is the ability to change, adapt and modernize a religion whilst keeping the central and core beliefs the same. The characteristics we focus on are the beliefs and believers, the rituals and ceremonies, the sacred texts and writings and the ethics. The belief and believers are what make up any religion.l They are what keep the structure of religion in order to continue its existence. The beliefs of a religion are defined as the faith, trust and confidence in a tenet or creed. The believers are those who are empowered by faith, trust and confidence of the religion. For example, in Christianity, Christians are the believers of God and live by God’s will to spread His word. A living, dynamic religion integrated with the belief and believers is the ability to incorporate a religions beliefs into a more modern context to suit the current believers without sacrificing the principle values. The rituals and ceremonies are the exercise of religious practice and gatherings in celebration of faith or ceremonial sacraments, They usually involve symbolism, action or movement including re-enactment of significant past events and ethical words. In Judaism, circumcision, Bar Mitzvah and the Sabbath, are all exhibits of rituals and ceremonies. The rituals and beliefs interact to create a living, dynamic religion by enabling a believer to externally express their faith in an appropriate manner to deepen the meaning and understanding of their religion. Sacred texts and writings are a doctrine in which the believers of a religion choose to live by. They contain significant messages to guide the followers to live the life their God intended for them. They are
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