Comparison Study Of Buddhism And Jainism

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Comparison Study of Jainism and Buddhism Comparison Study of Jainism and Buddhism Religion is an important aspect of our life which governs our day to day activities. It explains us as an individual and describes how we view the world compared to others. Furthermore, it defines our relationship with God and our beliefs; also it gives us a purpose and a meaning to life. This purpose varies from religion to religion and sets each individual apart. This purpose gives us an aim in life and helps us climb the ladder of salvation to achieve eternal happiness. Different religions have different ways of achieving this purpose or “liberation” of the soul. However, to understand this purpose one needs to understand the religion and moreover compare it to other religions to have a better insight. This can be done by looking at the scriptures and the religious teachings which teach one to attain this goal in life. Amongst the various religions the two that seem the most appealing are Jainism and Buddhism. In both of the religions the ultimate goal is to achieve eternal salvation however the way they go about it varies. Therefore, to comprehend this one needs to understand the background of the two religions and the similarities and differences between them. Moreover, one needs to understand the notion of reality to get a deeper understanding and how everything ties together. In order to understand any religion one needs to understand their history and how they flourished. Similarly, to get a better understanding of Buddhism and Jainism one needs to understand their origins and theology. The main aim of both the religion was to find a substitute way of achieving salvation in life instead of the ritual bound Brahmanism way of Hinduism. First, Jainism is amongst the many oldest practicing religions found today and like its counterparts it has a deep history attached to
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