French L. Arrington's 'Exploring The Declaration Of Faith'

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------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Summary ‘Exploring the Declaration of Faith’ by French L. Arrington SUMMARY OF INTRODUCTION The Christian assurance is rooted in that of believing in God through His son, Jesus Christ, for salvation. We are, as Christians, to study the Bible because God communicates with us through this primary medium. To study means to devote our time and attention and this we must do to understand this “the supreme authority and definitive source” for Christian teachings – the Bible – and to guide us to live effectively, keeping us from falling into sin or ineffectual living. It also nurtures our spirit and enables us to grow in our commitment to Christ. The Church of God decided to document an official faith statement to assist the numerous Church of God around the world in remaining unified in faith. As such, the purpose of this study, according to French L. Arrington, is to steer us towards a greater understanding of and appreciation for Biblical truths and mysteries. SUMMARY OF ARTICLE 1…show more content…
Verbal inspiration has to do with the actual formation and use of the words themselves. It involves the employment within sentences of nouns, verbs, prepositions, articles, etc. This “verbal” concept of inspiration contends that the Spirit of God guided the holy writers so that the very grammatical modes they employed were divinely orchestrated in order to convey subtle meanings of truth. While biblical scholars acknowledge that God used the individual talents and personalities of the holy writers, nonetheless it must be recognized that divine supervision was present so that the exact messages that Heaven intended were

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