Christian World View

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Christian Worldview Christopher G. Irwin Liberty University Christian Worldview A worldview mainly comprises of a person’s collection of many presuppositions, values and convictions from which one totally tries to clearly understand and in addition make sense out of this world and life. It is not only an explanation and world’s interpretation but also the continuous application of it to life. The Christian worldview clearly sees and understands God as the Creator and His celebrated creation (man and the world) majorly by use of God's special revelation, mainly the Holy Scriptures, and through His natural revelation as seen in creation. This is clearly interpreted by all human reason and also reconciled by and evidently with Scripture, mainly to elicit beliefs and behaviors in accordance with God's will. This will eventually bring glory to God from one's mind and life, in the present and in eternity. The Christian worldview considers that God is the creator of the universe. The book of Genesis clearly illustrates the origin of all people on earth. It took God seven days to create the universe and give it its magnificent beauty as we perceive it today. The origin of all humanity, therefore, was the works of God. The book of Hebrews illustrates that God exists and everything on the world is held under His control as seen in Colossians. The fact that God punished Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden, illustrates that morals are necessary for the success of a nation. This is in the book of Genesis. The book of Timothy illustrates that there is need for respect and observation of all set norms in a given society. This shows that morals are essential at all levels. It is evident in many nations how people who disobey the set norms and cultures are punished. This shows that they have beliefs and teachings that they base on before exercising their rulings.
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