Spiderman the Epic Hero

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An Epic Hero An epic hero stands high above all other regular humans. The hero’s important ideals of his society are reflected by his characteristic traits. An epic hero courageously saves lives and does it out of good deed. Regular humans rely on an epic hero to determine their fate when it is in danger. Spider man is a modern day epic hero because he possesses all the qualities an epic hero should. He is a regular human being that has spider like super powers that he uses for good purposes. Peter Parker is a regular human being that is bitten by a spider, which gives him super powers. His senses become highly accurate and more sensitive. When he first posses these powers, he uses them out of anger for the wrong reason. Once he realizes the consequences and responsibility of his ultimate powers, he decides he will only use them for the good and benefit of his local town people. Spider man relates to society because he realizes he has more than others and decides to give back to those in need. He does this by saving those in harms way with his super powers. He fights crime to protect his town and people in it. Spider man shows bravery because he is not afraid to fight certain villains that regular authority might not even stand a chance against. Sometime the villains he fights are supernatural, because they also are an accidental experiment. No matter what the challenge is, Spider man is always willing to fight to his death. Spider man stands out as the leader among his town, because he shows the capability of defeating the bad guys with little effort, preventing local authorities from risking their lives. The people are loyal to Spider man because they know without him, they are more likely to be hurt or killed from the bad guys. Spider man repays his loyal people by always being ready to fight crime and save anyone in need

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