Racial Discrimination In Montana 1948

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Montana 1948 is a novel written by Larry Watson. It is a story that is narrated by a 12-year old boy name David. He is the witness of cataclysmic events that occurred in the summer of 1948. David found out that uncle Frank, a person who he admires was using his power as a doctor over and as a honour war hero. He also learns that his grandfather was a dominating, immoral and scheming. David and his parents went face to face with dealing with the consequences of Frank’s crime. Racial prejudice means any action practice or belief that reflects the racial world view the ideology that humans are divided into separate groups because of their skin colour. The American Indians are racially prejudiced by most of the people in Montana, they are going through a hard life and living in a desolate reservation; also their lands are probably the least valuable compare to other regions. David eventually learns of the racial discriminations such as not allowing “an athlete like Ronnie” to attend college. Wesley Hayden is a person who has morals and believes in racial equality to a certain extent though he has a generally negative opinion towards the…show more content…
Although Frank is a respected war hero who saved many lives and also idolized by David but when he treats the young Indian women, he molest and rapes them. He shows no sign of pity for them and will kill them after molesting or raping. Julian Hayden is a man who loves gaining control of others. He assumes that he’s above the law so ‘they couldn’t arrest us’. When Julian slowly found out about Frank’s crimes, he thinks that Frank should not be arrested because he is the war hero. Therefore, he abuses his power by putting family loyalty comes before justice and duty. David is also given permission by Wes to get the gun to shoot a coyote but instead he took his power of having a gun for granted and accidentally shot a magpie who was in no
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