Gang Quotes From Macbeth

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Macbeth’s Drive By Macbeth is the notorious gang leader that formed his crew in Glamis, Scotland. Macbeth is known for his nobleness; however society does not recognize his shady garments because of Macbeth’s status and role to the nation. His later acts are performed violently and wickedly once he finds out he has an opportunity to rise to the greatest power possible. Death was not at stake for this gang leader, as Macbeth was sworn to immunity unless the Birnam Woods comes to Dunsinane by the three witches. With this rest assured, Macbeth can carry out his deeds with nothing to worry. His rival enemies, King Duncan, Banquo died in the hands of Macbeth. Macbeth couldn’t have done these murders if it weren’t for the help of his other gang mates. In Duncan’s murder, Lady Macbeth escorts him throughout the process. The events that follow up to King Duncan’s death are the work of two individual’s effort, not one. The definition of gang is (taken from a group or a band; a group of people with compatible tastes or mutual interests; a group of persons working together. The…show more content…
Now it’s ironic how they were great friends and companions towards each other, however Macbeth is the one who ultimately kills Banquo without even laying a finger on him. Macbeth’s guilt from Duncan’s murder carried on in Macbeth’s life, as he was too scared to fight off this darkness. Now Macbeth was faced with a decision whether or not to murder Banquo to keep his royal prophecies true. With the help of his gang, the decision was clear enough for him not to pass. Instead of Macbeth directly killing Banquo, Macbeth hired his gang members to act out this murder. By doing this, Macbeth hopes to be plagued lessen from the guilt and sorrow he awaits, and secondly it acts as insurance for Macbeth because if anyone saw the murder they would not see Macbeth thus making him innocent of the
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