Sir Gawain And Spiderman Why Do Heroes Exist

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Madison Montanus Mrs. Loud English III 25 September 2012 Saving the Day, a Day at a Time Do you believe that heroes still exist? I do! I think that heroes exist everyday, not just in fiction like the Marvel movies but also in the world like the many soldiers that serve our country. In the romance, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Gawain portrays a weak knight in the beginning, but in the end he redeems himself and becomes a noble and better knight. In the popular movie trilogy, Spiderman, he gets bitten by a spider that turns him into an amazing hero that saves his fellow citizens from disaster and destruction. The villains that Spiderman has to fight are very dangerous but the good guy always wins. Furthermore, one of my cousins, Brian who was recently in the Armed Forces for six years ended up a tour of duty in Afghanistan, and for that I really find him to be one of my biggest heroes. He thought it was a great idea for him to go into the forces, and it was really good for him, and it was. He was very happy serving his country that he loves and cares about immensely. Being a hero is not about the fame or fortune; it’s about helping people and to help you become a better person. What makes a person a real hero?…show more content…
They are both doing something that no human would ever do, like taking a challenge for your king or being a superhero and fighting dangerous villains everyday. Even though these characters aren’t real, we can learn something from them. You don’t have to perfect to be a hero. The best heroes are the ones that most people wouldn’t expect to be. Gawain was the weakest knight who took up a challenge that no one else would, which makes him brave and courageous. Turning him into this strong and noble knight. Spiderman who was just an average guy, and not very strong, turns into this amazing superhero that saves people in his town from villains that lurk the

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