Spending Money Essay

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Spending Money Effectively (hooK) Though most of us try to save money or lowerize all costs, we are often penniless at the end of the month. (background information) This is because we don’t know how to spend money wisely. Therefore, we, especially students are sometimes in debt, and have to cut down more necessary things or work part time, or worse have to borrow more money to spend. Then, we are still in a vicious circle. Spending money is easy but controlling our spending wisely in order never to be in debt is difficult. (thesis statement) We have to make a clear plan at the beginning of each month. (topic sentence) On the first day of the month we should devide a piece of paper into two columns in which we write down all our income and expenses we may have in that month. (Supporting idea 1) The income may come from parents, a part-time job, or scholarship… (Supporting idea 2+3) The expenses should be catagorised into changeable and unchangeable things. (Supporting idea 2) For example, income is money we receive from parents, scholarship, part time jobs, savings, etc… (Supporting idea 3) Unchangeable expenses are renting and tuition fees whereas changeable ones are foods and drinks, transportation, mobile, entertainments, bills… (topic sentence) Then, we add up all the income and expenses to compare. (Supporting idea 1) If the income is more than the expenses, that is a good news and we can spend money on things we have planned to do. (Supporting idea 2) However, we can save some money for the next month or emergencies if there are still some unnecessary things or extra money coming up. (Supporting idea 3) Though this seems to be a good way to budget our money and spend money wisely in order never to be in debt, not many people can do this most of the time. (linking sentence-concluding sentence) Therefore we must come to the second situation. (topic sentence)
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