The Wallingford Bowling Center Case Study

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The Wallingford Bowling Center Case Study Question 1: The major problems that they face are not generating as much net profit as they wanted. What they are making are only basically covering their expenses. Also, they have their slow peaks during the mornings, and certain days out of the week in the afternoon. Also, their operating expenses are rising so if they keep running their business 24 hours a day while during their slow times there losing money. Lastly, running full time with too many employees while the center is slow. Steps (1-3) 1 Identify and diagnosing the problem- The problem is they have slow times Monday through Friday mornings, and Thursday through Sunday afternoon. If they don’t fix their operation times there expenses are going to rise. 2 Generating alternative solutions- they should change operation times, and try not the business 24 hours every day. They could open late instead of mornings and get rid of slow peak mornings. Also, since they have a certain amount of people starting they could cut back, because they are running slow they don’t need as much people. Next, they can run more specials such as if they buy a certain amount of food or drinks they get a game for free. Lastly, they can raise prices to increase profits. These solutions can cut expense costs, and make more profit, because you aim for the peak period with specials, and with raised prices. 3 Evaluating alternatives- they can try each alternatives to see what works best, and to try to see which one brings expenses down. Also, it’s used to see what fits for that business, and once you find something that works you know have an advantage, and you can always look for room to improve your alternative. Lastly, if they just stop full time running operations, open later than mornings, add specials, and cut some employees off, raise prices their operating
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