Speed Restriction Essay

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Imagine this. You’re walking home with some friends. Sirens attract your attention. A Holden, being driven by a man not much older than you, screams past at high speed, followed closely by a police car, blue and red lights flashing. As you watch, the Holden hits the edge of the pavement, becomes airborne, somersaults in the air, and crashes into the building on the corner, which happens to be a funeral parlour. Well, if you’re going to die, it’s a convenient place I guess. Everyone around you is shocked by what they’ve just witnessed. Some may say it’s the fault of the police. If they hadn’t been chasing this man, he wouldn’t have been speeding; he wouldn’t have crashed; he wouldn’t be dead. The next day, still traumatised by what you witnessed, you read a report of the incident in The Herald Sun. You find out some more details. The Holden was a stolen vehicle. The driver was known to the police. On the back seat of the car was a shotgun. Can you now imagine what might have happened if this man had not been chased? All sorts of trouble could have been caused by this man and his shotgun if he had not been pursued by the police. [change tone/pace]Right now in Victoria the law states quote ‘Police and Emergency vehicles have exemptions to break rules in the case of emergencies and may act unpredictably,’ end quote. This means police cars are allowed to run red lights and pursue suspicious people; currently there are no speed restrictions on high-speed pursuits. And it is my view that it should be kept that way. If there were restrictions, the law offenders would just take advantage of this, knowing full well that the police are restricted to a certain speed. Many people would be driving as fast as the competitors in the grand prix and no one would be able to stop them. Would you be happy living in a world where there is always the need for speed? If we

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