Argumentative Essay: Should NASCAR Be Banned?

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Every since people figured out how to use gasoline, everyone has complained about wasting it. But within the past decade, that issue has grown tremendously. With gas prices rising and the economy falling, people are stressing about the amount of gas still available for use. How long will it be available? What will happen when its gone? There are many ways in which gas is wasted, but there is one reason that stands out. People actually want NASCAR, and all other forms of auto racing to be banned. They have a good point but it can be reasonably argued. Now, if you asked your typical NASCAR fan if NASCAR is wasting gas, they might reply with something like “I don’t care, as long as I can have my beer and go Dale Earnhardt!” But ask someone…show more content…
Just think of how much fuel is used in airplanes carrying basketball and football teams all over the country. People may look at NASCAR and laugh and say “oh they are making a left turn”, but I can’t see why grown men put on suits of armor and go head butt each other over a ball. Racing has a history to it that everyone should be thinking about. When these people are criticizing racing, they need to think about their sports a little bit. To me it is dangerous to use your head and neck to ram someone in order to knock them down. People think that racing is dangerous because of the speeds, look at how many football players were paralyzed this year and even killed compared to racing. Race cars are actually way safer than regular street cars. Now that I have given my opinion, I hope I can make a point without sounding rude or ignorant. My feelings are strong for racing like theirs is for other sports. But that why we are blessed to live in America, we can love what we want to it doesn’t really matter what people think. After reading both sides of the argument I hope there is a different opinion about racing. Whether people like it or not, racing is here to stay. Too much money is brought in to communities from racing and it would be foolish to ban the sport. But every person is different in their own way and we all love different things. I understand why people like football or basketball, but I don’t care for it. They might understand why I love racing, they might not, but as long as we can have our own opinions and hobbies everything is fine with

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