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Is Texting While Driving Worth dying for? “Where r u?”. “I'm on my way”. “Yeah”. These are the most common messages sent before someone gets into a fatal car accidents.What if this was the text message you or a family had gotten before you or they died? What if you sent that last text message that killed a innocent life? It only takes 3 seconds to kill and Drivers can prevent that by not texting.Texting while driving is a serious problem in the United States, and so many lives have been taking because of texting behind the wheel of a car. Texting while driving should be made illegal because “it raises insurance rates” (Cavallo) , cause fatal car accidents, “it is as dangerous as drunk driving”(Cavallo), causes speeding tickets, and causes…show more content…
Do you want to be the cause of a fatal car accident while you walk away all fine and the other driver died because of you? No text is worth dying over cause of silly mistakes of the driver and the other drivers on the road who is texting. Texting while driving is like driving drunk. While, texting while driving causes fatal accidents it is also as dangerous as drinking while driving. “Writing text messages while driving is as dangerous as being considerably above the legal drink-drive limit, researchers have found.”-Andrew Hough Scientist and Researcher in UK (Hough). The use of Hands-free devices could also put drivers in risk. “Andrew Hough a researcher from UK went to Australia and withhold a study with 12 healthy volunteer students who have drivers licence (Hough). “ The study looked at speeding, speed deviation and lane changing. The next week Dr.Andrew got the volunteer students to drink alcohol. To try to achieve or reach 3 different blood level some volunteers drunk no alcohol. During this study Headphones and Microphones were used to stimulate hands free device as “ Andrew Hough stated”

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