Andrew Jackson Morally Wrong

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English 101 November 25, 2012 Ethics When faced with what if situations everyone would like to think that they would do the “right” thing. The “right” thing is defined as the moral and ethical choice. The problem is that is easier said than done. It is hard to know how you will act until you are in the actual situation. Many situations can test the strength of one’s morality. In the middle of a deep moral conflict a person becomes looks inward and follows their intuition, hoping that it will guide them towards the morally correct decision. One morning Jackson is driving to work as usual he is running a bit late, so he is speeding. When Jackson reaches down to change the CD, his car hits something. He spins to a stop. Multiple cars have hit him and each other trying to avoid the accident. When Jackson looks up he can see that he hit a person. The person is…show more content…
The fact is that there were several cars involved which means a large number of witnesses. The reality is that more than one person saw the accident the way that it actually happened and will be able to say that Jackson is the one that caused it, not the woman. Even if this were not the case Jackson has a moral obligation to step forward and say that he caused the accident. Moral reasoning involves “reasoning from moral rules, principles, or standards and resolving conflicts among them, thereby placing limits on what one may do with a clear conscience (Barnet & Bedau 399). In other words does the decision you are making go against your own morals, principles, or standards. If it goes against them it is easy to know that it is a wrong decision. Does it leave you with a clear conscience? If it is not clear it is a wrong decision. These seem like fairly easy rules to follow however, facing prison time, the loss of a driver’s license, and a large fine can make it more difficult to make the right

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