Tom Brennan Essay

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Many townsfolk in Mumbilli thought Daniel’s sentence was too short. A longer jail sentence would have achieved justice. Discuss. The story of Tom Brennan written by J.C. Burke is a text of tragedy and loss. On the night of the celebration party of win a tragic accident occurred. In the crash Daniel Brennan was drunk driving and 2 people were killed while one was paralysed. The accident changed the lives of the people involved in the accident as well as the town of Mumbilli. The town was against the Brennan family and believes that Daniel should get a life long sentence. Daniel felt guilt and remorse while he was in jail and It was just a mistake that couldn’t be undone. A longer sentence wouldn’t bring back the lives of the dead. Longer jail sentence wouldn’t have achieved justice. The town of Mumbilli had lost the two loved teenagers while one was in serious condition. The Brennan’s were a well-respected family in the town but the action of Daniel left the feeling of hatred for the family.” The town of Mumbilli was bleeding.” The town was extremely affected by the accident. “Nicole with a beautiful voice and Luke- all round sporting hero were both killed and the only to blame was Daniel. The town believed that Daniel should get a long sentence for ruining the lives of others. Daniel’s sentence was long enough because he was involved in an accident and he was no murderer, it was a mistake. Nothing could bring back the lives lost and undo the damage done to fin, not even a lifelong sentence. When Tom and Brendan visited Daniel he kept on repeating “I’m sorry, I fucked up everything” Daniel felt guilt for what he had done. Daniel was aggressive and he didn’t listen to anyone but he had feelings. Isn’t it enough punishment for a young man to have to live with the fact that he had killed his friends and injured his cousin for the rest of his life? “(Daniel) he had
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