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Speech Should Mothers Work? Essay

  • Submitted by: tikieyy
  • on November 10, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Assalamualaikum wbt I bid to Madam Nurma and all members of the floor. In this pleasant morning, I would like to present my persuasive speech entitle ‘’Should mothers work?’’
First and foremost, it is not a matter of should mothers work or not. But I think it is based on their own choice whether they want to work or not. Mothers should have freedom of their choice and we are not supposed to decide about this. Some people think that mothers will absolutely cannot able to tackle the whole responsibilities both at home and at the workplace. It is not true as long as the mothers are able to provide enough time for their family. They also think that the mothers will get tired to handle all of those matters. But, as mentioned before, it is their choice which means that they have to force themselves to be able to handle everything. They have to be positive which both family and work are under their responsibilities and try to cover both of them as what they have chosen. Moreover, every mother will know their ability whether they can do it or not. If not, they will not tend to choose being a working mother rather than staying at home.
Regarding this topic, I would like to appoint several reasons on why the mothers should be giving an opportunity to be a working mother. Firstly, it is a necessary for all people to study and have education since we are small. In fact, parents are giving us education in order to let us become something in the future. Meanwhile, our schooling would be a waste if we would not work. So, it is the same with woman who become a mother. Of course, household work is a routine, but for that several years of schooling cannot be wasted just because of the family. Furthermore, it will be more wasted if the mothers are able to have a high degree of education and have chance to achieve their ambition but just ignore all of that because of their responsibility towards the family. Besides that, before getting married, the future husband should have...

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