Persuasive Essay Martha Johnson

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Martha Johnson Martha Johnson’s a middle class family college student, she have REACENTLY INHERITIVE money from her aunt. Martha has five choices she can make use of the money. Being able to drive a used car will be best because she can save time, able to study more and she able to go home and help her ill mom. Martha first option, should move into a new apartment or not move into one. I think she should not move out. The advantage of her moving into an apartment; Martha can learn to take care of herself and not always counting on her parents. She will have more time to finish her homework and she don’t have to wake up so early in the morning however moving out can also be bad because there are so many bills to pay, for example she will have to pay for the gas, electricity, water, garbage day, and phone bills. And that is not all, now that she live by herself she will need to go and buy and cook her own…show more content…
Having a car can be troublesome because she will have to pay for the gas and finding a parking space in the garage can waste lot of time, and everyday when she drive to school in the morning she will not know if there going to be any heavy traffic or not, she is also risking her life in the street with crazy driver, but look on the bright side getting a used car is not always bad, there are many benefit for Martha of having a car. Martha will have much more time to spend time on her homework and it’s going to save her time from taking bus to school because waiting for bus can waste a lot time. She will get more things done. She will be able to get back home faster, she will not have to worry about her mom as much, she can just drive right back home if her money needs her or if something happen, Martha can rush home right away and not be stick at the bus stop waiting for the bus to
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